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The following is a list of web comics I read regularly. Most of them are about computers or related topics. Surprise.

This list does not contain any German web comics because you probably don't understand German anyway. If you do, head to the German version of this page now.

Many of those comics are updated every day, all of them at least once a week.

Active comics

Real Life Comics
Real Life Comics
Based on the life of its author, but has a little science fiction in it. Enter Greg, Tony and others. Tony is your evil genius and the idol of MacGyver, Greg is a copy of the author.
Schlock Mercenary
Schlock Mercenary
Schlock Mercenary: mercenaries who do every job, especially if it's a very violent and well-paid one.
Ubersoft is the ultimate software company that's doing a good job of ridding the market of all competition. Their flagship is the operating system Nifty Doorways with lots of bugs included for free and an office application suite that has at least as many bugs. Ubersoft is lead by Mr Bunny, the Hoppy Computer Guy, formerly known as the Dark Lord of Ubersoft, and his mission is to bring shock and awe to the world.
Any similarities with real software companies are, of course, purely coincidental.

Inactive/discontinued comics

Boy Meets Boy
Boy Meets Boy
It's relatively hard to come up with a description for this. It's a little more soapy than what I normally can bear with, but it's sooo cute... ;) -- main characters are Mik and Harley, surrounded by the evil landlady, daughter of the devil and living together with a paid killer, and Cy and Skids, good ol' friends of Harley. Plus some antagonists. And so on.
Status: discontinued.
Welcome to BitCo, the software company run by animals. All most important species are present, and they have to deal with the average problems of every programming geek you know.
Status: inactive, probably discontinued.

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