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Why is the site designed in these weird colours?

(This question concerns the “Zyankali” (“cyanide”) design that used to be the default for this website.) For traditional reasons. My first website used white on black, but soon I found this combination all too gloomy. Even back then, however, I used bits of cyan, largely because I thought the colour was neglected in web design. The colour stuck, and the next version featured white on dark cyan (teal), and later ergonomical considerations resulted in what you can see now, the white background.

I also happen to like the colour.

What’s with those logos?

The smiley (top right in the “Zyankali” skin) first occured in the second edition of my website. I think the meaning is easy to grasp there. My motivation to bring that meaning across has moved a bit to the background since then, so it’s a rather subtle hint now.

The lambda sign in the background (default skin) or the top right corner (traditional skin) carries a certain, internationally uniform meaning. Additionally, the professors at my old university really love using lambda signs for various mathematical expressions. I have come to call this the lambda complex (any allusions to well-known computer games are purely coincidental).

Whatever for?

No peticular reason anymore. I’m fairly bored at times and then I often fiddle around with my website. Some people reportedly find my essays interesting, so I keep them online. I don’t do a lot of deep thinking anymore, though. Anyway, if you’ve got a topic and would like to hear my opinion about it, please let me know—it might even motivate me to write something for a change. And I definitely could use a tad of motivation, no matter what for.

There is more background information on the website in a separate article.

My frequent question is missing, how do I add it?

Send me a mail and ask. If it’s interesting and frequent enough, it’s bound to end up here.

This article was last updated on 2007-05-28.


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