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Sketch of personality

The Sketch (tm)

Yup, that's me. It's not really a photograph but merely a simple sketch, and not even a very skillful one. However, I think I made up for that by putting some labels on it. You will find some of my character traits on it and if you want to know more about them, read up on it on this page and others in the "profile" category. Release dates for further articles depend on lazyness of author.

You can find some feedback about the above picture in form of an IRC logfile from #chatzone on the w30wnzj00.com IRC network. Just click on the picture and you'll find it.

Should you be desperate to look at a real picture of me, I'd suggest you try my photo gallery or my webcam (which is up rarely, though).


And now for the exciting bit, a structured description of myself...


NameJan Krüger, aka. jast
Date of Birth15th August 1983
Geographical pointer Aachen Rothe Erde, since January 2004
196 cm
70 kg when I checked in August 2005, and it just won't get better (more)...
Shoe size
average: 49 (EU scale)
Looks Brown hair, in large numbers and fairly unordered most of the time. Blue eyes, on a considerably lower level than Terrence Hill. Beardless except for lazy days. Tall. Slim. Andsoon. In other words: who cares.
Dress I'm not showing you a picture of my wardrobe, and my taste can't be described in a few words, so--no answer.
Occupation Student at Universiteit Maastricht (Netherlands), course of study being Knowledge Engineering / Computer Science. Apart from that, I'm currently employed as a part-time programmer by the Institute of Psychology at Aachen University (Germany).
Special features Previous features described here have expired (broken batteries and all that). Experts claim that the subject wears things that should have been discarded ages ago. Subject regularly uses the looks described above.

Digital world

My computing life started in 1991 with a Commodore 64 (a really great computer; looking back, I don't regret I didn't switch to x86 earlier). Since 1996 I'm using x86 computers almost exclusively, mostly because of lack of experience with other architectures. Until now, I've used Basic, Pascal, Object Pascal, Perl, PHP, C, Java, Haskell, Prolog, Ruby and Io and I am still using some of those... I have a thing for learning languages, spoken ones as well as programming ones. Other than that I've learnt a lot about web, graphics and user interface design and music composition using computers. Nothing of it in professional quality but certainly in good quality and it's perfectly enough for my needs anyway.

Since June 2002 my computers run Linux nearly all the time. My Linux experience includes (in chronological order): PTS 1.0, RedHat 5.1, SuSE 6.4, Mandrake 7.1, Debian 2.2, RedHat 7.3, Gentoo, Debian 3.0/sid. RedHat 7.3 was the distribution I used when switching away from Windows, and I'm using Debian Linux (unstable branch) right now.

My current projects deal with scalable chat servers, conferencing, and community software, and that was a lousy alliteration.

The rest

Let's see...

I was a scout. I'm not sure whether what we do is similar to scouting in most other countries (and even most other German organisations), but it's definitely a fun thing and nothing as military as it used to be. Sadly, my studying takes most of my time and I don't have enough left for doing any scout stuff any longer. Bye-bye, good old times.

I like making music, especially using my (acoustic) guitar and/or voice. I also did electronic music with my computer in the past and I even got some sparse positive feedback. I can't really judge my skills and since I'm rarely doing any music publicly, I have no external judgement either. At least I think my guitar skills are fairly good, considering that I never had any real lessons. Since I'm an optimist, I also started singing at a small choir in the vicinity in mid-2005. Anyone living near Aachen who's interested in joining as well better contact me right now.

I'm still trying to write some kind of fictional work, a short story perhaps, or a longer story or maybe even a real novel, but I lack the time, the idea for a great plot and the motivation. And if all of that is available for a given attempt, something else is bound to be missing.

I waste a significant amount of my spare time with helping other people solve their problems. Most of it is about computers, and I'm through all the mediae: online chat, web forums, mailing lists, house visits (good friends only) and all that.

Not really worth mentioning, but I don't do cigarettes, drinking or anything like it. I don't do missionaring either, doesn't work anyway.

I'm very interested in philosophy. I've developed many own theories by now and you won't get me off most of them but I like discussing about theories anyway. If you want to, send me a mail. Then again, most philosophical discussions end up nowhere (or where they started). You could suggest something else, though.

I'm sure there's even more to me. However, my life lasts for longer than two decades now and it's impossible to record all of a timespan like that on a single website. Conclusion: I could as well stop here instead of after another two pages.

This article was last updated on 2006-09-26.


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