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Right now, version 4.0 of my website admittedly isn't really informative. To be completely honest, neither were the previous versions. But version 4.0 does the worst job of being not informative. I've kept a backup copy of version 2.0, which is more not informative, if you know what I mean.

I changed nearly nothing before putting it online. It's still completely in German, all the articles are still there. I only corrected some mistakes in the markup and added a more recent introduction. I also reconstructed the start page with the flash animation because there wasn't a backup of the old one.

Looking back at it, the articles within are heavily influenced by past events and my past self. Not a big surprise, is it? Anyway, my opinions and my view has changed since then and the most things you can find in there don't match my thoughts any longer. I hope I'll write something more recent eventually. Until then, have fun with version 2.0.

Enough talking.
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This article was last updated on 2004-12-21.


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