additions to Asuka


Asuka is a patch for Undernet's IRCu 2.10.11, an IRC server software. Asuka was written by QuakeNet's development committee, adding a number of useful features. My goal was to add some features to those features. :)
This page only contains a list of files for the impatient; details have been available on QuakeNet's web forum but aren't any longer.
As of 2009, this thing is ages old, don't waste your time on it!


Lightweight patch
Adds Asuka 0.7.0 compatibility, 50 chanlevs per user, topic enforcement, optional outside-the-channel operation, auto invite, bitch mode, op protection, topic saving.
Important: you need to remove clientcommands/reauth.c or Lightweight won't compile after applying the patch.
Patch against a fairly old CVS version; patch will probably not work
Download here
Q patch
Makes Q 3.99 compatible with Asuka and adds proper network account support. Also adds (optional) e-mail functionality for HELLO and includes a user-friendly wrapper script that helps set everything up. The patch is of experimental quality; please provide me with feedback.
Patch against 3.99
Last update on 2004-11-12
Download here


Thanks to the people who provided feedback and/or suggestions (I can't remember any names though, sorry!).