Welcome to my development homepage (looking for my other homepage? It's located here).
I'm planning to fill this page with detailed and exciting information about the software I'm developing, along with source code if possible.
Here's a list of all the .plans I've got:

Chat software
Irssi scriptsyesScripts to enhance your Irssi experience
Web software
Greasemonkey user scripts for FirefoxyesScripts to enhance your Firefox setup
Misc crap
Cow Of The Dayyesa perl script that combines fortune-mod and cowsay
kernel routing table utilityyesscript that can save/restore the kernel routing table
Various Win32 softwareyesVarious Win32 software I've written
Word FactoryyesCreates 'sentences' using the intelligence of an average Counter-Strike player
Old and outdated
additions to Asukayesmy REALLY OLD additions to Asuka, QuakeNet's patch for IRCu 2.10.11
Bubblefishymon for Linux 2.6yesThe ultimate WindowMaker dockapp, now for Linux 2.6
Next generation Internet Relay ChatnoIRC extended for modern requirements

Stay tuned.

Contact me

Mails go to jast(at)srcd,de (replace the bogus parts).
GPG Key 1024D/78603D68 6DA7 2ABE 14AA 2131 F8A9 4C15 59F3 DFE3 7860 3D68

About this site

This page was put together using WML, the Website Meta Language. To get an idea of what you can do with that, I uploaded the source file of this page for you, it lives here. The template is not officially available since it's too hackish to publish.
And just so you know: I'm using gVIM. Hey, people want to know stuff like that, I can't help it.