Cow Of The Day


This is a small perl script which is great for running with inetd (try telnet or for use in a shell profile (e.g. ~/.profile).
Cow Of The Day keeps an internal list of all cows that come with cowsay and rotates the list when you call it with a special parameter (-n). It can either echo the name of the current cowfile (parameter -c) or output a cowthink'd fortune using the current cowfile (when called without parameters).
The following art is updated every time I upload a new version of this page:

( What is research but a blind date with )
( knowledge?                             )
(                                        )
( -- Will Harvey                         )
   o    (__)               
        o o\               
       ('') \---------     
          \           \    
           |          |\   
           ||---(  )_|| *  
           ||    UU  ||    
           ==        ==    
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No warranty and stuff.


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