Greasemonkey user scripts for Firefox


Greasemonkey is a user scripts manager for Firefox, allowing you to fairly easily install scripts that extend Firefox (or certain pages as viewed in Firefox) in various ways.


Password Composer
A script that allows you to generate secure site-dependent passwords for many different accounts across the web, and you only have to remember a single secure master password.
Based on the original script by Johannes la Poutré et al (see that page for usage instructions), the main change is that the passwords generated are much more secure.
Tech details: while the original script generates passwords according to the (pseudocode) formula first8chars(md5_hex(master_pwd + ':' + domain)), I changed it to use a HMAC-style formula and base 64 to increase information density and to decrease the likelihood of the hash function getting compromised (though it's already fairly secure in the original version in that regard). The new formula is: first8chars(md5_b64(master + ':' + md5_b64(domain + ':' + master))).
Warning: the passwords generated by this script are incompatible with the original script!

Last update: 2010-06-09
Download here