Irssi scripts


If you came here, I guess you know Irssi. I'll stop talking a lot and just give you the downloads, ok?


Channel Activity List
Replaces the usual [Act: ...] list with something more fancy. Extended version of an existing script; see comments in script for more details.
Last update: 2004-06-23
Download here
Outdated! The official script on has included my changes (or at least something similar) for years.
Channel Scanner
An enhanced /names, capable of sorting by nickname, status, hostmask. Can also show clones only (a certain number of simultaneous connections and up).
Last update: some time ago, can't really remember. :)
Download here
Emits random "mo0O0[]()"s.
Last update on 2003-04-10.
Download here
IRC support channel knowledge database script
Basically this script allows you to store information about certain topics in a tree-like structure. This makes it possible for the script to add a list of more in-depth topics to an answer.
Last update on 2004-06-23
Download here
QuakeNet specific Q Login beautifier
Makes Q logins show up in a more readable format in /whois queries. Based on an older script written by someone else.
Last update on 2003-10-17
Outdated! This thing stopped working ages ago and irssi properly displays the login data by default these days, anyway. Download here
Shows your non-understanding of something.
<jast> waaaat waaaaat waaat waaaaat wat waaat
Last update on 2003-08-04
Download here