Word Factory


It's pretty simple: it generates "sentences" from words in a random fashion. Words are downloaded from this server and compiled into the program. There is a Makefile target to update and recompile your copy of it. Great, isn't it.

Here's a little sample:
hf ? MSN w0c gib plZZ iirc lol murder cheat0r op up n00b sux sry l00nix wb waat POS mew GEZ noob heh n/m hf bokkelul si m0o prickx0r loser lederhosEN! ^0^ aim l33mmm3 ! cs cunt noob iirc gogogo noobs should mIRKK Q madz0r bbc up fish WTF omfg noob srz should k fish %L!:ASFK manual.. iirc pld ^__^ 08/15 <3 gn8 asap si cheat0r kill shice noobs bot kekeke plZZ admin n/m uc ^________________^ hip hop kk anorexx qa bokkelul hurrah byebye ddos btw bokkelul H4X0R cheat w8 bin laden fux0r ph43r m0o OMG gline ta


No docs whatsoever. However, there's not a lot about it, it's small and thus not too difficult to understand. The final binary supports --help. Useful Makefile targets are all, update, clean, mrproper.
Get it now.