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Mozilla Firefox (a.k.a. Phoenix, Mozilla Firebird)
A pretty fast and very good browser. It knows nearly all the web standards, it features a pop-up blocker with whitelist, a server blacklist for images (ex: "don't load images from ads.osdn.com") and many really useful plug-ins are available. Supports Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, OS/2, BeOS.
Links(2) hacked
A fairly advanced version of Links(2). I haven't tested it yet and its author says it's not really stable yet but I really love Links(2) itself and thought I'd let you know.
Links(2) is a text-mode browser with a very good additional graphics mode, using either X, SVGALib or framebuffer. Links(2) comes with its own JavaScript interpreter and can be compiled to support SSL and other goodies.


A shiny remote synchronisation tool. It synchronises a directory on the local computer with another on a remote host, using either SSH or RSH and, in both cases, compression. The amount of data that needs to be transferred is minimised. Works on Windows and Unix.


Sylpheed Claws
An extended version of Sylpheed. Supports reading and writing of mails, newsgroups, extensive filtering, OpenPGP encryption via GnuPG (of course, this includes automatic verification of digital signutures on incoming e-mails). It has a clean interface, it's fast most of the time and it just works. The only thing that sucks about it is the "Smart wrapping" feature, turned on by default. Don't use it, use "wrap on input" instead.
Sylpheed (and therefore Sylpheed-Claws) is single-threaded and will frequently freeze when receiving new mail (especially when your dialup connection died and you're using IMAP).
Mozilla Thunderbird
A rather comprehensive mail program. Displays HTML, can be enhanced to support GnuPG by using Enigmail and does pretty much everything you might want. It doesn't support mailing lists (List-Post and the like), though.

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